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Quinn-WoundMy new puppy (10 months old now) was attacked by another dog. It wasn’t the kind of thing where dogs are sniffing butts then one gets miffed or tries to dominate and a fight breaks out. No. This was an attack, like Pearl Harbor.
I was walking him and he was at my side, just trotting along keeping pace with me. Suddenly a dog came running off a deck with his owner in tow. The owner was pulled down a set of stairs and was thrown onto the hood of her car. At that point she could no longer hold onto the dog’s retractable leash and the dog flew across the road I was on, flying into a vicious fight, no prelims, no sniffing.

The owner’s son jumped into the fight and retrieved their dog. The whole thing lasted less than 20 seconds. I took my puppy home and found a gash in his rib cage. It went down to the muscle. and was about 30mm long. It had opened up to about 15mm wide from the skin tension pulling it apart.

I was able to get him a vet and after about an hour and $300.00 he was stapled up and on his way home. So far this is a pretty ordinary tale that probably happens every day somewhere around the country. What happened next was the interesting part.

I confronted the owner asking for reimbursement of the vet bill. Turns out that my dog was at fault (if he wasn’t walking with me it wouldn’t have happened). Not only that, my dog bit her. It happens that I saw the ‘bite’ about an hour after the incident and it was an already scabbed over 6mm circle on her elbow. She claims he bit her after the fight. Funny though, it looked exactly like the kind of abrasion you would get from smashing into the hood of your car after falling down three flights of stairs.

Well after the fight I was pulling my dog down the road to get him away from Cujo and she wasn’t anywhere near him. But here’s the story…

Your son is breaking up a dog fight while you’re laying on the hood of your car 30 feet away when my dog (who was never unleashed or out of my hands) went (thirty feet on a six foot lead) to deliver a one tooth bite to your elbow.

I’m not buying it.

How could a rational person make that crap up? It baffles me. Since it’s my nature to ponder over such things, I’ve come up with two explanations. One is benign, the other malicious.

The benign explanation is what I would call “witness perversion”. When something happens wickedly fast and unexpected your mind can play tricks on you. It scrambles details into a mush of hopes and fantasies to rationalize away the horror of what just happened. You don’t want to believe you own and love Cujo. You’re hurt physically and emotionally so you need to blame something for your condition.

The other explanation I’ll call “lyin’ for freedom”. This is where you know damn well that you own Cujo; he’s done this before, these behaviors don’t appear like an unexpected diaper rash. You know you’re going to get hit with the bill and you don’t want to pay it. You know if this gets reported to the police your dog gets a 10 day quarantine that you will have to pay for just before you go to small claims court to pay the vet bill anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose by making shit up. Who knows, it might work (probably has worked in the  past).

Now I’ll probably never know, for sure, which of these two explanations were at work except for one little thing. They never asked me for compensation for my ‘vicious’ dog’s elbow scratch. Makes me believe this was a cover story to blame shift some guilt onto the victim. Sigh!

In the end, the dog owner’s father reimbursed me, so no harm done. He claimed he was going to get reimbursed down the road by his daughter. Yeah right! I’m not buyin’ that.

And here’s the part that makes me wonder. Is this a generational thing? Have we slipped morally to a place where we don’t step up anymore for the things we are responsible for? I say yes. Look around for other examples. There are lots….

How about abortion? Are the vast majority of abortions performed on women who had sex of their own free will? Yes. Do they accept responsibility for their night out? No. They kill the result for $500 bucks to avoid a lifetime commitment for their child.

How about federal debt. Do we vote for goodies and pass on the cost to our children? Yes.

How about unions. Do we use union power to extract wages and benefits that are beyond our worth for the labor performed? Yes.

How about our bodies. Do we have lots of people who abuse their bodies then ask the rest of us to keep them healthy? Yes.

How about extreme sports. Do we do crazy stunts then ask brave men to rescue us when the stunt goes wrong? Yes.

How about defense. Do we ask soldiers to defend us while we sit on our ass  weeping about Caitlyn Jenner’s rights, then screw them at the VA when they come home with no legs? Yes.

I could go on but it would be better if you thought up a few of your  own, eh?

Making up shit to get out of a bind is the least of these examples. All, I think, are at the end of the path where we walked away from God in favor of a secular world where ‘I’ is made superior to ‘U’.