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liarIf you know me, you probably know that I’m not a big fan of Hillary Clinton. I’ve used her picture here as an example of a, not particularly good, fabricator.

Here’s a picture of a good one. liar 2Don’t like him much either. But my intent in this posting is not to rehash their penchant for deception. You can google their tales if you want to read about them. I’m more interested in why we believe them.

A poll came out in June of this year that said 60% of the people polled believed Hillary lied about what transpired in Benghazi. If you think Ben Ghazi is the name of a middle eastern potentate, this article might be of interest to you. What struck me dumb about that poll was that 27% of those people thought she didn’t lie and, 3% weren’t sure.

It got me to thinking about lies from the receiving side. Why do we believe a lie, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that we’ve been lied to? I’m not talking about the little lies we tell to even out life’s bumps. No officer, I wasn’t speeding. No honey, I don’t think that dress makes your ass look big. No dear I don’t mind if you play golf again TODAY. I’m talking about the big lies; the ones politicians tell to stay in  office and out of jail, the lies that make crappy policy into candy for the masses, the lies that leaders use to take your freedom to ‘protect’ you from yourself.

To know why we accept lies we need to break down the 27% or so that think a lie is not a lie. you need to think about how they could accept the lie. Nobody likes to be lied to. So if someone accepts the lie as truth there has to be something going in their perception to take it as truth. I’ve broken down lie acceptance into four categories of people. What’s enlightening is to think about lying from the liars point of view. Liars of course, have thought this all through. Politicians Liars, who want to get away with their lies, will attempt to maximize each group. How do they do it? Well this is how…

Low information Voters:

LI VoterThese are people who don’t have enough evidence to really assess a lie and are not driven by ideology, the 3% who have no opinion. I’m making a big assumption here because undoubtedly there are finer gradations in this group; like the ones who don’t like to be on record for any opinion; like the flat squirrels in the road that couldn’t decide which way to run. Hey, you ‘gotta’ start somewhere.

You can’t command the low information voter to stop listening to the news. There are plenty of people who don’t listen to any news, ever. You don’t have to worry about reaching them. But you can increase their ranks on an issue. The best way to increase this group is to flood the zone. You deliberately throw up complications to the stories in order to overwhelm the LI voter. You feed them so much bullshit that they just tune out. You bring up those ‘awful video tapes’, or ‘the Russians hacked our email’, or ‘hands up don’t shoot’. It doesn’t matter what the lie is. You can always drape it in so much tin foil that the uninformed don’t see it anymore.

True Believers:

hillary pants on fireThese are people who will never, ever think their favorite politician lied about anything. The people in this camp hoist their favorite to super human status. We all lie! To think there is anybody on the planet who has never lied, is to believe in unicorns. I’m not in agreement with these folks with this particular issue but I do understand their perspective. At worst they are members of a cult. At best they are naive.

How do you get more true believers. This takes advanced planning. They have to ‘believe’ before the lie even happens. You simply buy them. Democrats are especially good at this. They have an entire infrastructure devoted to free stuff. Think of it like lie armor. If you have enough of it, then all of your members are cloaked by it. In the event that they need a lie at some point down the road, the armor is already in place, protecting them from the truth.

Hair Splitters:

hair splitterThere are those people who hear all the evidence and convince themselves there was no lie. If there was an actual lie (in this instance I believe there was, sue me) they see something in the evidence that they can gobble up to support their conclusion. Or worse, they split hairs in order to support an intellectually dishonest conclusion.

The most famous example of this is the belief that the truthfulness is prejudiced on the meaning of ‘is’ from the First Man (gack). It’s clever, but it makes me want to reach into my TV sometimes to tear the heart out of the hair splitting clowns that do this. My impression is that these people are very smart. Finding the hairs is intellectually demanding. When they find one and espouse it, they are most likely being dishonest with themselves, in and of itself, a lie to support a lie.

You can’t make everyday people into hair splitters. This takes lawyers. Ideally you want to get as many lawyers as possible on TV as your spokes folks. Lawyers can argue endlessly and convincingly about how many words can be fit on the end of a pin. So you spend a few nights thinking about the hairs in your lies. Then you publish ‘talking points’, which are hairs that have been shampooed into bright shining truths. The spokes folks take them to the airwaves and people at home, who put the news on to make background noise while they prepare dinner, absorb them and incorporate them into their belief system, without serious consideration.


PinochioThere are people who hear all the evidence but are getting it through a filter that biases their perception. They conclude there was no lie. From their perspective it’s an honest conclusion. They’ve been duped by a scandalously incompetent press that misinforms by omission and commission to advance their agenda.

The press is not really the press anymore. It is a coterie of well coiffed and pampered celebrities who retype press releases and attend ‘made for news’ press briefings. Personally, I don’t think they are as agenda driven as they are lazy. Whatever the reason, the people who get their news exclusively from this club, aren’t getting honest information. They are getting the zone flooding, lie armor, and hair on the tongue that the liar wants them to hear.

In this election cycle we have the least informed (most distracted) voters ever. Watch any ‘man on the street’ interview and you will be sickened by how little people know about important things and how much they know about garbage. You’re far more likely to find someone who knows the size of a Kardashian ass than the name of the Vice President of the United on street

We have the most unaccomplished candidates ever. Bill Weld is even a candidate. Yikes, can you think of anybody less appealing that you’ve never heard of? We have crushing debt, middle east on fire, nuclear weapons in the hands of psychos, 95 million Americans no longer looking for work, racial division, police under sniper fire, and a president that hates America.

If you are a low information, true believer, hair splitter, or victim voter you need to think seriously about liars, the way they are lying to you and why. Our survival depends on it.