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When I was a kid, my room had a big built in bookcase. The bookcase held an encyclopedia set that fascinated me. It was richly bound in red covers and had heavy, glossy pages with beautiful pictures from all around the world. There were 24 volumes; one for each letter of the alphabet with xyz sharing the final volume.

I thought it had all the knowledge in the world buried in its pages. It took me years, but I read the entire  set, much of it under my covers with a flash light so I wouldn’t get caught staying up too late. Naturally I don’t remember any of it, but that encyclopedia left me with a sense of wonder about the world, and a thirst for all the things that weren’t between its pages.

Those books instilled in me, a drive to discover something new each day, and I’ve learned that there is always something new if you look for it. I’ve discovered that it’s easy to spend your life overlooking the wonder of it all. It’s easy to look with your eyes and not really see. It’s easy to hear a sound without listening to it. It’s easy to have a great meal without tasting it. It’s easy to experience a thing without feeling it.

The next time you ‘hear’ a concert; wonder about how the beautiful clothes got produced, wonder about how the musicians got their incredible skills, wonder about all the skill it took to make the instruments, build the concert hall, create the tickets, get hundreds of people to attend, and compose the music.

And, if that’s not enough, wonder about how your ears and eyes are able to take it all in and enjoy it. Wonder about how  the magnificent human race is able to do all these things instead of worrying about the traffic jam on the way home.

With practice, wonder can make any crummy day into a wonderful one.