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One of my favorite things is to search You Tube for amazing unknown vocalists like this one….

or this one…

or this one…

or this …

And one more….

Just imagine, there are thousands of people all over the world with talent like this. They’re singing in little dusty towns, in cramped sweltering churches, in stinky roadhouses, at weddings, anywhere they can get an audience. I find them on X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s got talent, and any number of reality talent shows. I especially love the inspiring ones with children who have sung their way out of adversity.

Simon Cowell said in one of these shows that he looks at the shows as if they are mining for talent and once in a while they uncover a diamond. Well it’s not very hard finding them judging by the number of them you can find on the internet. These little diamonds everywhere it seems. The only difference between them and the big stars we know is a matter of luck and timing.

It makes me wonder how many diamonds we crush into dust in the Planned Parenthood abortion mills. Lots, I’d guess. We’ll never know how many, of course, because tearing their limbs off and crushing their little heads before they take their first breath means we’ll never hear their songs.

Think of it. The only songs they’ll ever sing are screams.